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Freise (say “FRY-zee”) Builders

Joel Freise, President & Owner, has 20+ years of professional construction experience. He represents the fourth generation of carpenters and construction experts in the Freise family. As part of Zigmil, Inc., Joel and his dad helped countless homeowners and businesses build their dream homes and improve their commercial spaces. Joel is now building his own family business, using his special knack for understanding a project and its challenges, capturing his client’s vision and helping make their ideas become reality.

Jean-Marie Freise, Vice President and Operations Manager, is a graduate of University of Illinois Chicago. Jean-Marie is an absolute expert at coordination and efficiency, keeping the multiple facets of every project moving in concert and on schedule.

Discover the difference the right people can make

Construction can be intimidating. Finding a great contractor is the first critical step, and you just made it. Let us offer you important guidance—even BEFORE the bidding process begins.  We bring a lifetime of local experience in kitchens, basements, decks, custom cabinetry and more.  No project is too large or too small.  We deliver the highest quality work, the finest customer service, and we’ll work hard to earn your trust—every day.